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A Start

I have started crocheting in earnest again.  Actually, I started crocheting in earnest several days ago on a new pattern, and then decided to give the doily to a particular friend, and then decided to start over again on another pattern, which is one of my very favorites.  I am very, very picky about doily patterns.


Here is where I’ve gotten so far (11 rounds completed):

This is pattern #3, “Cafe Latte”, from the book Coffee ‘N’ Cream Doilies by Patricia Kristofferson.  It looks like it’s now out of print, but it has some beautiful patterns.  Isn’t the center design pretty?


And for you avid crocheters, check out some of Krakovianka’s beautiful work:




(See March 17 post) http://ukrakovianki.blogspot.com


I’ll keep you posted on my progress.