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Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Galatians 4 001

Well, I seem to be spending a lot of time in Whataburgers lately.  They are good places to catch wireless internet, and (when they’re not overrun with rowdy teenagers… thankfully they left…) it is even possible sometimes to concentrate and write a blogpost.  I’ve got to play chauffer again in approximately 15 minutes, so it will have to be a short post.

Festival day went very well; the weather was amazingly beautiful, the crowds crowded, and the fried pies… well.  It was all good.  And it’s over for another year!

Our minister is in the midst of a sermon series which currently is focusing on Galatians 4.  We all stood for the Scripture reading before the sermon, which was verses 13-26, the same as last week, and the words were just as powerful.

Love.  Love.  Real, self-sacrificing Love.  That is it.  Did you know, for example, that the word “serve” in Galatians 4:13– as in , “only use not liberty as an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another“– is not just a feel-good word, but in the Greek actually means slavery?  Whoa.

One thing I’ve noticed (he has been emphasizing it!) is that, while we generally see this passage as applying to individuals, the you is plural.  This is about the church as a body.  The middle eight– the majority– of the “works of the flesh” in verses 19-21 have to do with how we relate to each other.  In other words, the flesh is out to destroy relationships.

There is a lot more, of course, and he said it better; but my time’s up!


Fall Seems to be the Season for Change!

shop window

Well, summer has been giving way to fall in fits and starts here.  It rained steadily from Tuesday night until this morning, then the clouds broke and the sun came out, and by all accounts it should be a beautiful weekend.  There is a festival in the town where I work (now much less… see following…) at an antique mall, annually our single biggest day of the year, and we sure do need the nice weather.

More than the weather has been changing!  About a month ago, in a dizzying combination of converging happenings, I quit my job, began homeschooling my brother, and got started in a new from-home job.  Talk about change.  I was apprehensive at first, but on the whole, it has turned out very well.  I am enjoying being at home, enjoying learning along with my brother, and spending lots of time hanging out with him; I am struggling with adjusting to having a lot of time to manage.  The home buisiness has taken longer to get going than I anticipated– technological issues!– but that has been blessing in disguise, because it has meant less stress and more free time as the Bro and I get started with what is a new schedule for both of us.

God always knows what He is doing!

A Path for my Feet

feet 002

Have you ever been caught up in the movement of your life, something totally outside your control, yet working out in amazing ways?  The last week has been like that.  I thought my life this fall was going to go one way, but it has taken a slightly drastic change of direction… which has actually motivated me to make a few other changes I have been desiring to make for a long while.

The thing that amazes me is that none of those changes (mostly involving jobs) had been working out, causing me a lot of frustration.  And yet, now I see how it has all been working together as it needed to, in light of recent events I had not foreseen.  I am overwhelmed with the sense of God’s providential preparation for the way I would need to go, before I even knew I would be needing a way when the path I had been walking along suddenly caved in.

I think He is always doing that.  I’m just not always watching.

The Will of God

Excerpts from The Will of God as a Way of Life by Jerry Sittser:

I discovered that the Bible says very little about the will of God as a future pathway.  Instead, the Bible warns us about anxiety and presumption concerning the future, assures us that God is in control, and commands us to do the will of God as we already know in the present.

We simply need to do what we already know in the present.  God has been clear where clarity is most needed.  The choices we make every day… determine whether or not we are doing the will of God.  If we have a problem, it is not lack of knowledge; rather, it is our unwillingness to respond to the knowledge we have.

The only time we really have both to know and do God’s will is the present moment.  We are to love God with heart, sould, mind, and strength, and we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  These are the basic responsibilities Jesus challenged us to pay attention to….

If we truly seek God above all, then we will always be doing the will of God, no matter where our particular choices lead us, because seeking God’s kingdom first is God’s will.

God Writes Beautiful Stories

Go read Equuschick’s.