• 84, Charing Cross Road, Helene Hanff
  • Nightingales, Gillian Gill
  • The Dutchess of Bloomsbury Street, Helene Hanff
  • Rainbow’s End, Lauren St John, 9/30/08
  • Rebekah’s Diary, Rebekah Pearl, 10/2/08
  • Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader, Anne Fadiman, 10/08?
  • Don’t Waste Your Life, John Piper, 11/08
  • This Present Darkness, Frank E. Pirretti, 11/08
  • Chienne De Guerre, Anne Nivat, 11/17/08
  • A Crime So Monstrous, Benjamin Skinner, 11/08
  • The Worst Hard Time, Timothy Egan
  • Wives and Daughters, Elizabeth Gaskell
  • A Hunger for God, John Piper
  • The Africa House, Christina Lamb
  • East of Eden, John Steinbeck
  • Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck
  • Midwives, Christ Bohjalian
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith
  • Howard’s End, E.M. Forster
  • Something of Myself, Rudyard Kipling
  • The Devil in the White City, Erik Larson
  • Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis
  • All Over But the Shoutin’, Rick Bragg
  • Ava’s Man, Rick Bragg
  • The Prince of Frogtown, Rick Bragg
  • My Grandfather’s Son, Clarence Thomas
  • Farenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
  • Isaac’s Storm, Erik Larson 10/09
  • Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading, Maureen Corrigan 11/09
  • The Road from Coorain, Jill Ker Conway, 1/10
  • The Painted Veil, W. Somerset Maugham, 1/10
  • The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkein, 1/10
  • I Capture the Castle, Dodie Smith, 1/10
  • A Room with a View, E. M. Forster, 4/25/10
  • Andy Catlett: Early Travels, Wendell Berry, 2010
  • The Brain that Changes Itself, 11/10
  • Jayber Crow, Wendell Berry, 11/10

3 responses to “booklist

  • Judy in TX

    Wow! Great list! I’ve only read 7 (I think that’s the right number, I may have lost one here or there. lol) of those! For the last several years, I’ve kept a list of what I read each month. It’s been educational, to say the least. :-/ I really, really wish I’d kept lists while I was growing up. (When I was your age I wasn’t reading as much–never ever didn’t read at ALL but pretty sure at your age it was all twaddle. So just as well there is NO record of THAT. eek) Keep it up–I’m interested in your books–and if you get a chance, blog about it–did you like the book you just finished?
    love you lots!

  • Lady Jeanne

    I should work on blogging about the books. That would make lots of sense! Fact is, I’m always intimidated with the thought of trying to summarise and criticise.

    Which book were you refering to? It’s been a little while since I completed anything. I’ve been floating around a little bit at a time in “Bachelor Girl: 100 Years of Breaking the Rules– a Social History of Living Single” by Betsy Israel. I picked it up at 1/2PB, amused at the subject matter and intending to laugh along with, and also surely at the expense of, the (presumably feminist) author and her (presumably feminist) audience. The gentleman who rang me up took it upon himself to offer a little bit of social commentary (I tried to stop him with an off-handed comment about getting it for a laugh, and he replied to the effect that it would be a rather melancholy one). I waited till I hit the door before I burst out with my completely un-melancholy laughter. Poor me! Heir to the legacy of the repressed female single. Doomed to be pitied by male bookstore cashiers everywhere.

    The book has been informative though! I enjoy history.

  • Judy in TX

    Oh, not referring to any book in particular–just wondering how you like whichever book you finished. 😉
    Very funny incident. Sometimes I wonder what the cashiers are thinking of my choices. I think my age stops them from commenting. LOL
    I’d love if you blogged about books. I keep meaning to do that but, like you, I don’t like summarizing etc. Maybe if we just stuck to blogging about them the way we want to . . . No rules! Blog what you want!!! woohoo!

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