knit & purl…

It is late, and I have been knitting.

I spent last night with my friend Beth, and she offered me a pair of knitting needles, instruction and support after it came up in conversation that I had tried time and again and never could seem to get the hang of knitting.  (I always say, since it’s so very clever, that the problem is there are no hooks on knitting needles to hold the thread on.)  Beth walked me through casting on, then knitting, then purling, and it all came back and somehow it worked.  The yarn stayed where it was supposed to, instead of slipping off the tapered needle tip at every inopportune moment!  How exciting!

This spurt of knitting madness was actually sparked by a visit to, where I found (the other day– today it seems they have all sold!) some most wonderful, big, slouchy knit hats.  I want one.  Badly.  It seems essential to my fall and winter happiness that I have a cranberry-colored, big, slouchy knit hat.  I have a thing for red hats anyway…

…as is evidenced by the provided photo of myself, odd expression, big nose, wastebasket and all, modeling my first hat-love– a thrifted felt number.  Joy!

As I wasn’t ready to send upwards of $40 or $50 sailing into cyberspace– and as I can’t even find the coveted knit hats on etsy today– the fact is obvious: I must learn to knit.  And learning I am!  I have a little rectangle of blue stockinette stitch hanging off my needles right now, slightly surprising even myself.

I think I’ll finish it off into a little potholder, and give it to Beth.  And then move on to hats!  Sounds like a plan to me.  Onward!…


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