Well, for the last few days, my stats have shown -0- readers, down from a flunctuating number, which most days was 1.  Whoever that one is– my mother, Mrs. C, some stranger– I hope you haven’t bailed on me because you took one look at the new format and got nauseus.  Or that you took one look and decided you had typed in the address wrong.  Perhaps you’ve just been busy.  Perhaps you’ve given up on me for other, conent (or lack thereof!)-related issues.  At any rate, I do hope you come back.

So many thoughts, such a season for not putting them down!  But we press on….


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  • Judy in TX

    Hi! I’m still here. Haven’t been checking in as often lately (you know why, I think). But I will always check back–I enjoy your blogging and wouldn’t want to miss anything!
    I think I like the new look–it’s sort of like rearranging the furniture, isn’t it? A room just starts to feel cramped and cluttered and you need to move things around a little (or a lot).
    love you lots!

  • Lady Jeanne

    Well, I’m glad you are still here! You’re very sweet with your kind comments about my almost-nonexistent spats of wordiness. 🙂 To will and to do can be two different things, in blogging as in the rest of life. I stumbled across this template on another blog (of a columnist in San Fransisco, of all things), and was taken by its spareness. I know this was her template, because it said so, but she must be much more html/css savvy than me, because I have no clue how to edit it to get it just the way I want it… for instance, her one column instead of three. Someday I’d like to figure out how to do a custom header, and things like that. This will do for now though! Oh! I did figure out that I can categorize posts (instead of tagging), and that the clickable categories come up down by the monthly archives at the bottom of the page. This I like. I hadn’t figured out how to sort posts within my blog before… since clicking on a tag would bring up posts from random blogs with the same tag. Anyway. It is very good to hear from you, Mrs. C, and I appreciate your reader loyalty! 😉 Much love.

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