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The Worst Snowstorm in Recorded History

Thursday morning, with freezing snow coming down, I called my friend Susan, a bit incredulous that the school district hadn’t already called off school in the face of the freezing rain coming down at 7 a.m.  She reassured me that they had not, that she was still going in to teach and her kids to school, so if I was brave the way was still clear to come over and clean house for her.  I put on my coat and headed out, and only saw two cars in the ditch on the way.  Around 11:00 I finished there and took a curcuitous route home, stopping by the bank first, and there was already a pile of snow on my car roof and in front of the headlights.  (You have to realize, where I live, its snows a maximum of a “few” times each year and generally doesn’t stick very long either.  Snow is an Event.)  There was another car in the ditch along the windy farm-to-market road.  I tried to slow down and take care.

My dad had turned around on his way to work rather than fight the weather and the traffic, so he was home, along with my brothers; Mom was out getting us provisioned-up at the grocery store and picking up a few movies from a friend to get us through the snow day.   She got stuck in the friends’ uphill driveway, got unstuck, and finally returned home.  By then the snow was coming down in big, earnest flakes.  I donned scarf and hat and boots and took the camera out for a long ramble in the neighbors’ horsepastures and woods; there were already several inches of accumulation to tramp through.


Along with all the snow, we were without electricity from Thursday evening until this morning, Sunday.  I’ll spare you all the details though.  Propane camp stoves and coolers in the snow, early bedtimes and lots of covers, tubing down the dam almost into the pond, 24-hour laundromats, and friends with open homes for hot showering and chilling out… they got us through.  😉

This was what we woke up to Friday morning!

And it really was a beautiful snow.  Now, of course, it’s melting.  I wonder what 14″ of melting snow will do for the water table, creeks, and ponds….