Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Galatians 4 001

Well, I seem to be spending a lot of time in Whataburgers lately.  They are good places to catch wireless internet, and (when they’re not overrun with rowdy teenagers… thankfully they left…) it is even possible sometimes to concentrate and write a blogpost.  I’ve got to play chauffer again in approximately 15 minutes, so it will have to be a short post.

Festival day went very well; the weather was amazingly beautiful, the crowds crowded, and the fried pies… well.  It was all good.  And it’s over for another year!

Our minister is in the midst of a sermon series which currently is focusing on Galatians 4.  We all stood for the Scripture reading before the sermon, which was verses 13-26, the same as last week, and the words were just as powerful.

Love.  Love.  Real, self-sacrificing Love.  That is it.  Did you know, for example, that the word “serve” in Galatians 4:13– as in , “only use not liberty as an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another“– is not just a feel-good word, but in the Greek actually means slavery?  Whoa.

One thing I’ve noticed (he has been emphasizing it!) is that, while we generally see this passage as applying to individuals, the you is plural.  This is about the church as a body.  The middle eight– the majority– of the “works of the flesh” in verses 19-21 have to do with how we relate to each other.  In other words, the flesh is out to destroy relationships.

There is a lot more, of course, and he said it better; but my time’s up!


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