With the light of morning shining warm upon my face,

Its radiance softly beaming with a calm and quiet grace,

I come to seek You, Father, and You hear my every word.

I have no fear nor doubt that I will ever go unheard.


This peace that You have given, that rests within my heart,

Is like the morning stillness– but never will depart!

For unlike earthly morning that will one day all be gone,

With You in perfect oneness, how could peace become undone?


You are my morning sunshine shining warm upon my face;

The breezes of the morning are Your calm and quiet grace;

The coolness and the dewdrops– how Your Spirit does restore!

And soon in heaven’s morning I shall live forevermore.


(copyright 2009 Jeanne Lane)


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3 responses to “Morning

  • Lady Jeanne

    I love all your songs, as you know. But overall, I think I like this one best. I still get warm fuzzies thinking about singing it as the sun came in the east windows when we lived in the country before. I can still see the dust in the bright light and feel the warmth. Good times. I think that house and those times were the embodiment of “home.” A lot of joy lived there.
    Yalablue Tibia (how’s that for sloppy phonetic Russian?)

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