Thoughts on a New Year

It has been an interesting start to the year.  For a while now, contemplating what it might hold, I’ve been impressed that it’s going to be a year with many changes: a friend is having a baby, another is getting married, another just moved back here from college.  D left for school today.  President-Elect Obama is to be sworn in this month, potentially ushering in a whole slew of changes on a national scale.  The economy is crumbling, and I am beginning to see the domino effect in the lives of people I know.  There is so much suffering– so many evidences of Satan’s attacks on so many people I know– it is astounding: families crumbling, financial crises, illnesses, and more.

All this has had a lot of bearing on my view as I try to look forward into 2009.  I have this feeling of unease, a sense of something looming in the next year; I think there is a great battle coming, for lack of a better description.  It feels almost overwhelming.

And yet!  There is a reassurance in my spirit, that I am not helpless.  I feel urged, convicted, that I must press forward in serious, intercessory prayer– and the personal sanctification which I am coming to see more and more clearly is an integral component of effectual, fervent prayer that avails much.

I want this to be a year of putting aside distractions and wholeheartedly seeking God.  I want to put to death this walking in the flesh, giving in to lust.

There are lots of things I want to “personally improve”– the same old list; but I think, this year, I need to focus on readying myself to accomplish God’s purpose… to do battle for souls.

By His mercy, God grant that I may.


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