Well, since there are two or three people who are actually checking back with me, I suppose I ought to update this poor neglected blog.

As for the doily, it is currently neglected too.  I have somehow been doing this, that and the other for the last couple of weeks, instead of pressing on.  I did complete the name portion, and after starting work on the edging, ripped it (the edging) out and decided to put a row of solid double crochet all around and then build on that.

We have had beautiful weather for the last week or two.  It seems like autumn is finally coming, even though the afternoons are warm and I still can’t leave for the day in a sweater, since I would most definitely be sweating by afternoon.  But the leaves are finally beginning to hint at turning, and the mornings are crisp.  It was nice this morning as I walked the five or six blocks from work (I dropped my gas-empty car there first) through the edge of downtown and an old residential neighborhood to the library, toting my bookbag and trying to avoid the wet grass in my sandles, hopping from patchy sidewalk to street to gutter.  In fact, since I have the same walk between me in the library basement and work, and… now eleven minutes left before the open sign should be glowing, I ought to get going.


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