I should have gone home.  You know, if you are sick and have worked all morning and waited around in town until time to drop your brother off at his Boy Scout event and have a couple hours to kill, you really should go home and take a nap and forget about the gas expense.

And I was going to.  But alas, I decided to stop at Chick-fil-A for a big sweet tea, which paused my homeward motion enough that I reconsidered.  Maybe I would go to the library instead, at least for a while, and use the computers.  So I turned away from the highway and started off through the residential streets of our quaint little Town toward the library.  I had almost made it… within a mile or so… when I was stopped, dead in my tracks, by some force eminating from a sign on the side of the road.

“Estate Sale”, it beckoned.

Never mind I am trying to save whatever cash has made it through the week still in my wallet.  I stopped and went in, and realized that some acquaintances were running the sale.  And that there was very little left.  I found a cute little americana-painting-style metal sign and had obtained a nicely discounted price when Mrs. Acquaintance said, “I want to talk to you about making me something.”  She had to run over and help some other customers first.

You see, several years ago this lady, who was running the cafe at the antique store I work at, found out that I crochet, and commissioned me to make a few name doilies for herself and as gifts.  She was my guinea pig, and I went on to make several more special orders for people until demand waned and I gladly stopped.  I was ready for a break.  In fact, over the last few years I have not crocheted all that much at all.  Then I started my current doily   (I decided I wanted to give this one as a gift), was spotted crocheting by a vendor at the antique shop, confessed that I also have made “those name doilies” (here’s what I get for bragging!), and was so overwhelmed by the lady’s delight that I agreed to make her one (or was it several?) when I finish my current doily.  So I have (at least) one in my queue.  It is not that I don’t enjoy making them; indeed, I make up and graph out my own patterns, which is fun, since I like playing around with alphabets.  I just have always gotten sick and tired somewhere in the middle of crocheting the body of the doily (you use two basic stitches, which make either empty or filled squares, on and on and on), and in the past it has always taken me quite a while to actually finish one.  I’m sure it is due to a lack of discipline.

But back to Mrs. Acquaintace.  It turns out she wants me to come over to her historic victorian home so she can show me a type of window covering she wants me to recreate, in a set of two.  Then, since her brother who recieved one of my creations years ago was so delighted with it, she also wants me to make name doilies for all of her homebuyers (she is a prominent realtor here).  I told her I had at least one on my waiting list, but I would get back with her.  She instructed me to take one of her cards and call her when I am available.

Hmm.  I suppose I shall just have to see how much my speed has improved since I finished my last one.  Do I really want to get myself into this again?  I could just point her to one of the many websites I’ve found that make doilies to order.  But then again….


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