Have you seen this… book?

One of the perks of housecleaning for someone else on a weekly basis is getting to peruse another family’s bookshelves.  The family I clean for are constantly adding to their collection, and although they are rather short on my favorite genres, they often have some really neat nonfiction/informational books which are nice for a quick glance while waiting for the floor to dry.

I once found, on a bookshelf in their laundry room, no less(!), an anthology of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s pre-Little House on the Prairie writings, articles she wrote about her life as a farmer’s wife.  I loved it.  L. I. W. is one of my absolute favorite writers of all time; perhaps I am prejudiced by the memory of my early love for “Laura, the prairie girl”, but after reading this books, I was struck anew with the poetic way Laura saw the world and expressed her thoughts on paper.

I only had to dig through three pages of results on Amazon to find it:


The Rediscovered Writings (Laura Ingalls Wilder Family Series)


You ought to read it.  Hey, now that I’ve found it on Amazon, maybe I’ll buy my own copy, since I’ve looked in vain through the laundry room shelves again and it is gone.  🙂


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