Ranting About Customer Service

My youngest brother and I just got home from our errands (the remainder of Ike’s wind and rain notwithstanding), toodling along to the wonderful tune of his new soundtrack– the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  He has been wanting it for ages, being an avid Narnia fan.

About two weeks ago, armed with hard-earned cash, he (Bro2) was helped by a helpful associate at the bookstore to special-order his CD, since he had looked for it on their shelf to no avail.  Since then he has been waiting on pins and needles for its arrival.  The bookstore finally notified us, and today we went to pick it up.  However.  The CD we paid for, opened up and tried out, was not the right one– probably nice in its own right, as the music from BBC version, but not The Right One– and so we turned around to rectify the problem before too much time went by.

Imagine my surprise when the salesperson at the Information Desk informed me that, since the CD had been opened, my only options were either trading it in for another of the same CD, or selling it back to them– for $1.50, to be exact.  Even though it was their own ordering error.  Rather stunned, I gathered up the CD, packaging and receipt, and left.

Actually, after some thought (and concluding that I had spoken with someone who really didn’t know what he was talking about), I went back in once more, quite chagrined, and tried another salesman at a different desk.  He was unable to even find the correct CD in their computer, and so could be no more help than the First Unhelpful Person.  However, he did suggest coming back after 2:30 to speak with the Store Manager, who he thought would be much more nice than the First Unhelpful Person.

I did end up going back into town later on (crazy day), and did look up the Helpful Store Manager.  And let me tell you, I was almost tempted to ask for a feedback survey so I could write him up for his excellent service.  He said not one word about the packaging, realizing immediately what the problem was.  He walked me back to the right department, and after finding the same dearth of results in the computer, got a little creative with his searchwords, which– voila– turned up The Right CD, sitting on the shelf where it had been the entire time, just tagged differently.  He held it at the front until we were ready to complete our transactions, then pulled us out of line over to the help desk to check out.  He went out of his way to be helpful and courteous.  It’s no wonder he’s the store manager.

What is amazing is just how rare it is getting to find someone who wil treat you, as a customer, that way.  It does make a difference.


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