Rejoice with me!

For I now not only have my car radio back, but also my power door locks, horn, and two complete functioning headlights!  Hooray!  My mechanic is wonderful.  He is constantly gluing my car back together the cheapest way and is very nice about it.  Today he told me, the ‘valance’ (which hold the whole headlight/grille assembly in place) is all busted up and it needs to go to a body shop, but he would try to at least get the new headlight in place so I could at least drive at night.  Not to mention pass inspection.  He also got my grille to stay in place, even though part of it is attatched to air where the valance is broken.

So I drove off gleefully, calling my mother and… two friends (I would have called more, but was afraid of waking someone) to share the good news.  Since, of course, I have been complaining to them all this time.  I played my favorite CD which had been held captive all this while in the bowels of my dashboard, and later as I sang along with my radio I was more aware of what I was singing.  In fact, I came across this yesterday and thought it was interesting, in light of our late discussion.

It has also been a wonderful two or three days, weather-wise.  After soooo muuuch hot weather, we have had highs in the 80’s (it might have gotten higher this afternoon, finally).  It is amazing how just a little change in the weather can make such a difference!  It has been re-energizing!


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