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Yes, it’s another envelope.

I’m sorry, I just find it fun.


And here’s another, courtesy of Bonnie Miss B:

I love her sketch.  It is from a photo taken on an outing together.  Pardon the smudges!

Another one is here.


Since we are on the subject

… I did find a blog with some photos of very nicely done and quite beautiful thread crochet projects.  If anyone else but me is interested in this sort of thing, you can go here to see!


I should have gone home.  You know, if you are sick and have worked all morning and waited around in town until time to drop your brother off at his Boy Scout event and have a couple hours to kill, you really should go home and take a nap and forget about the gas expense.

And I was going to.  But alas, I decided to stop at Chick-fil-A for a big sweet tea, which paused my homeward motion enough that I reconsidered.  Maybe I would go to the library instead, at least for a while, and use the computers.  So I turned away from the highway and started off through the residential streets of our quaint little Town toward the library.  I had almost made it… within a mile or so… when I was stopped, dead in my tracks, by some force eminating from a sign on the side of the road.

“Estate Sale”, it beckoned.

Never mind I am trying to save whatever cash has made it through the week still in my wallet.  I stopped and went in, and realized that some acquaintances were running the sale.  And that there was very little left.  I found a cute little americana-painting-style metal sign and had obtained a nicely discounted price when Mrs. Acquaintance said, “I want to talk to you about making me something.”  She had to run over and help some other customers first.

You see, several years ago this lady, who was running the cafe at the antique store I work at, found out that I crochet, and commissioned me to make a few name doilies for herself and as gifts.  She was my guinea pig, and I went on to make several more special orders for people until demand waned and I gladly stopped.  I was ready for a break.  In fact, over the last few years I have not crocheted all that much at all.  Then I started my current doily   (I decided I wanted to give this one as a gift), was spotted crocheting by a vendor at the antique shop, confessed that I also have made “those name doilies” (here’s what I get for bragging!), and was so overwhelmed by the lady’s delight that I agreed to make her one (or was it several?) when I finish my current doily.  So I have (at least) one in my queue.  It is not that I don’t enjoy making them; indeed, I make up and graph out my own patterns, which is fun, since I like playing around with alphabets.  I just have always gotten sick and tired somewhere in the middle of crocheting the body of the doily (you use two basic stitches, which make either empty or filled squares, on and on and on), and in the past it has always taken me quite a while to actually finish one.  I’m sure it is due to a lack of discipline.

But back to Mrs. Acquaintace.  It turns out she wants me to come over to her historic victorian home so she can show me a type of window covering she wants me to recreate, in a set of two.  Then, since her brother who recieved one of my creations years ago was so delighted with it, she also wants me to make name doilies for all of her homebuyers (she is a prominent realtor here).  I told her I had at least one on my waiting list, but I would get back with her.  She instructed me to take one of her cards and call her when I am available.

Hmm.  I suppose I shall just have to see how much my speed has improved since I finished my last one.  Do I really want to get myself into this again?  I could just point her to one of the many websites I’ve found that make doilies to order.  But then again….

A Different Sort of List

I have an aversion to “prayer lists”.  I guess I always felt like I was facing a task when I picked up my list, and was always wanting to move on to the next name.  I’m sure, of course, that this is in part due to an attitude problem on my part.  But still.  I enjoyed the feeling of freedom when I came to God without a “task list,” if you will.  Not that that stopped me from trying to make lists and use them, but I never have been good at sticking with it.  However, the fact that I may not… really, I know I am not keeping in mind even the people for whom I’ve said I would pray, has bothered my conscience considerably of late.

Lately I’ve hit upon something, really simple, which sure seems to work for me.  I took a stack of index cards and began writing down names, one to a card.  All the cards (plus several blanks) go in an envelope that can stay by my bed or go with me.  If I tell someone I’ll pray for them, I can pull out a card and write down their name.  I have also started writing down scriptures that I want to  meditate on and adding them to my prayer envelope.  Then I can pull it out at any time and start through my stack, pausing over each name.  Sometimes I don’t get through the entire thing, but then I can just pick back up where I left off the next time I come to the Lord.  And I’ve found pondering over scriptures mixed in with the requests is a wonderful time of fellowship with Him.  Often, before I begin, I turn the cards over and mix them up.  I know it sounds silly; but somehow it helps me come to each person fresh.

I know that it doesn’t really matter how you keep a list, or even if you keep a formal one at all.  But I just thought I’d share something that has helped me to follow through in prayer, which is a matter in my life that has needed some tending to.

Have you seen this… book?

One of the perks of housecleaning for someone else on a weekly basis is getting to peruse another family’s bookshelves.  The family I clean for are constantly adding to their collection, and although they are rather short on my favorite genres, they often have some really neat nonfiction/informational books which are nice for a quick glance while waiting for the floor to dry.

I once found, on a bookshelf in their laundry room, no less(!), an anthology of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s pre-Little House on the Prairie writings, articles she wrote about her life as a farmer’s wife.  I loved it.  L. I. W. is one of my absolute favorite writers of all time; perhaps I am prejudiced by the memory of my early love for “Laura, the prairie girl”, but after reading this books, I was struck anew with the poetic way Laura saw the world and expressed her thoughts on paper.

I only had to dig through three pages of results on Amazon to find it:


The Rediscovered Writings (Laura Ingalls Wilder Family Series)


You ought to read it.  Hey, now that I’ve found it on Amazon, maybe I’ll buy my own copy, since I’ve looked in vain through the laundry room shelves again and it is gone.  🙂

Oooh, the Irony

Well, as I was driving along yesterday, I realized realized my radio was not on (I had thought it was) and pushed the power button.  No response.

No power locks.  No horn.  Apparently there is a short somewhere in the system.


Ranting About Customer Service

My youngest brother and I just got home from our errands (the remainder of Ike’s wind and rain notwithstanding), toodling along to the wonderful tune of his new soundtrack– the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  He has been wanting it for ages, being an avid Narnia fan.

About two weeks ago, armed with hard-earned cash, he (Bro2) was helped by a helpful associate at the bookstore to special-order his CD, since he had looked for it on their shelf to no avail.  Since then he has been waiting on pins and needles for its arrival.  The bookstore finally notified us, and today we went to pick it up.  However.  The CD we paid for, opened up and tried out, was not the right one– probably nice in its own right, as the music from BBC version, but not The Right One– and so we turned around to rectify the problem before too much time went by.

Imagine my surprise when the salesperson at the Information Desk informed me that, since the CD had been opened, my only options were either trading it in for another of the same CD, or selling it back to them– for $1.50, to be exact.  Even though it was their own ordering error.  Rather stunned, I gathered up the CD, packaging and receipt, and left.

Actually, after some thought (and concluding that I had spoken with someone who really didn’t know what he was talking about), I went back in once more, quite chagrined, and tried another salesman at a different desk.  He was unable to even find the correct CD in their computer, and so could be no more help than the First Unhelpful Person.  However, he did suggest coming back after 2:30 to speak with the Store Manager, who he thought would be much more nice than the First Unhelpful Person.

I did end up going back into town later on (crazy day), and did look up the Helpful Store Manager.  And let me tell you, I was almost tempted to ask for a feedback survey so I could write him up for his excellent service.  He said not one word about the packaging, realizing immediately what the problem was.  He walked me back to the right department, and after finding the same dearth of results in the computer, got a little creative with his searchwords, which– voila– turned up The Right CD, sitting on the shelf where it had been the entire time, just tagged differently.  He held it at the front until we were ready to complete our transactions, then pulled us out of line over to the help desk to check out.  He went out of his way to be helpful and courteous.  It’s no wonder he’s the store manager.

What is amazing is just how rare it is getting to find someone who wil treat you, as a customer, that way.  It does make a difference.