I have a prayer request

Several weeks ago, a friend and coworker told me her son-in-law had been suddenly diagnosed with aggressive rectal cancer, having a tumor that had already grown very large. He is not only a wonderful son-in-law, but also a wonderful husband to their daughter and very close to his 6-year-old son. Since then he has also been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and there are several spots in his bones; they are trying to determine which of the two cancers they are. His large tumor is pressing on a nerve and keeping him in severe pain. He started chemo a couple days ago, and faces at least two surgeries and further unknown treatments, not to mention that the next two chemotherapy treatments will likely make him very sick. Understandably, he and his wife are having a very hard time with it all, and so are his in-laws– they live nearby and the whole family are very close to each other. Surely it goes without saying that anyone facing cancer starts piling up medical bills pretty quickly.

I don’t know what their spiritual situation is. I do not believe they have a church home. Please pray not only that Rene would be healed, but that God would use this trial to make Himself known to them and draw the whole family to Himself. Pray that those of us at the antique mall who are praying will know how best to reach out to them. We have organized to provide meals every day Shirl works for her to take home for all of them. They live about 45 minutes away, so it is difficult to find ways to do practical things.

Please, please pray.


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