What is the point of blogging?

I suppose the answer is different with every person.  For me, I would say, I can best think something through by fleshing out the thought in writing, and this blog is a place to do that.  And knowing this blog (although perhaps very few actual readers) is waiting for me, challenges me to give more thought to things besides getting from point A to point B and arriving on time!  At least I am thinking, even if a blog post never comes to total fruition.  And of course, every time I post I hope to connect with someone, hope that someone will talk back, start a conversation and maybe even a friendship.

So, I guess, that is why I like the idea of blogging.

And you can just file this post under “All the Things You Didn’t Want to Know, Fact # 12,250”  😉


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2 responses to “Pondering

  • Jeanne

    Just so you know you have a readership…

    Some folks do their thinking in their heads, some in their craft, some in their chores, some in their writing. Putting thoughts on paper and organizing them into a cogent order helps define perspective. It’s like a good dusting and clearing of cobwebs in the mind.

    te iubeste,

  • Lady Jeanne

    And there are a LOT of cobwebs in my mind, let me tell you! 🙂

    Love you too.

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