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An embarasing number of months ago, I was in a minor fender-bender and smashed one of my headlights.  It is still a gaping hole (we are looking for the part for my old car, really we are) and finally a couple weeks ago, after a rain, apparently water found its way into my wiring and shorted out a circuit.  Or whatever you call it in a car.  Anyhow.  I figured out over the course of that day that I am without: a)power door locks; b) a horn; and c) a radio.  I wonder what else I am without and don’t know it.  At least, and this really is a big deal with no AC and 100 degree temps, at least my window button still works!

I don’t have a CD player at my disposal at home (generally with all of us in the small space it is loud anyway), so I get to listen to my music in the car.  It had a great sound system when my Memaw graciously handed it on to me four years ago (after my cousin had driven it to and from high school for several years, to whom I am sure I owe my gratitude for the aforementioned sound system), and even though I’m not the type that effuses over bass boost (etc.), I have really enjoyed it.  A drive with the windows down and an inspirational song playing is something I particularly enjoy.  Well, OK, who doesn’t?  Not to mention a good program or, yes, just something to create white noise for my mind.

Now I get in the car, and it is quiet.  I have the opportunity (read: “I have no choice but”) to think, to pray, and something I have been doing more and more, sing.  I’ve found out it’s a great spirit-lifter and also refocuses my distracted soul back around to God.  You know, there are some Christian songs that really encourage me when I listen to them.  But most often it is really a matter of entertainment.  Not that enjoying music for music’s sake is bad; but I wonder if, by constantly barraging my mind with “Christian” lyrics (profound and not-so) as a form of entertainment, without giving true thought to what is being said– I have inured my soul to the power of musical praise.  I will say, I have struggled with feeling disconnected from the spirit of the songs I’ve been singing in church lately.  I wonder if this isn’t part of the reason.

So, I’ve been singing.  Reminding myself of hymns I hadn’t thought about in a long time.  Pouring my heart out to God and just plain enjoying it.  Finding my heart lifted.

This whole discussion brings to mind scriptures such as Ephesians 5:16 and 1 Corinthian 10:31, about redeeming the time and doing everything for God’s glory.  I know this is stretching those particular verses a bit out of context, but I’m beginning to think that my “car time” should be viewed as an opportunity to minister to the Lord and fellowship with Him, rather than just  let my mind “vegetate”.  Whether I turn on the radio or not, I should be doing it for God’s glory.  And I should take more of the opportunities I do have to “do something”.

Perhaps this is totally not where any of you are.  That’s OK.  I like to talk to myself.  🙂

Sometimes having a short in your radio can be a good thing.  🙂


I have a prayer request

Several weeks ago, a friend and coworker told me her son-in-law had been suddenly diagnosed with aggressive rectal cancer, having a tumor that had already grown very large. He is not only a wonderful son-in-law, but also a wonderful husband to their daughter and very close to his 6-year-old son. Since then he has also been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and there are several spots in his bones; they are trying to determine which of the two cancers they are. His large tumor is pressing on a nerve and keeping him in severe pain. He started chemo a couple days ago, and faces at least two surgeries and further unknown treatments, not to mention that the next two chemotherapy treatments will likely make him very sick. Understandably, he and his wife are having a very hard time with it all, and so are his in-laws– they live nearby and the whole family are very close to each other. Surely it goes without saying that anyone facing cancer starts piling up medical bills pretty quickly.

I don’t know what their spiritual situation is. I do not believe they have a church home. Please pray not only that Rene would be healed, but that God would use this trial to make Himself known to them and draw the whole family to Himself. Pray that those of us at the antique mall who are praying will know how best to reach out to them. We have organized to provide meals every day Shirl works for her to take home for all of them. They live about 45 minutes away, so it is difficult to find ways to do practical things.

Please, please pray.


Did you hear that?  It was me running by on my way to somewhere else!

(Intended to be an update on my life.  In another week or so the schedule should calm down to a regular ebb and flow, and perhaps I will then be able to reaccess the brain cells that currently shut down and go to sleep whenever I consider posting.)


What is the point of blogging?

I suppose the answer is different with every person.  For me, I would say, I can best think something through by fleshing out the thought in writing, and this blog is a place to do that.  And knowing this blog (although perhaps very few actual readers) is waiting for me, challenges me to give more thought to things besides getting from point A to point B and arriving on time!  At least I am thinking, even if a blog post never comes to total fruition.  And of course, every time I post I hope to connect with someone, hope that someone will talk back, start a conversation and maybe even a friendship.

So, I guess, that is why I like the idea of blogging.

And you can just file this post under “All the Things You Didn’t Want to Know, Fact # 12,250”  😉

Now I’m Drooling.

Searching for links is dangerous!  Look what else I found:

Look at these baby blankets:

This is my other favorite book of patterns, although my copy has gone AWOL:



I’ll have to remember this website when someone asks me what I want for Christmas!

A Start

I have started crocheting in earnest again.  Actually, I started crocheting in earnest several days ago on a new pattern, and then decided to give the doily to a particular friend, and then decided to start over again on another pattern, which is one of my very favorites.  I am very, very picky about doily patterns.


Here is where I’ve gotten so far (11 rounds completed):

This is pattern #3, “Cafe Latte”, from the book Coffee ‘N’ Cream Doilies by Patricia Kristofferson.  It looks like it’s now out of print, but it has some beautiful patterns.  Isn’t the center design pretty?


And for you avid crocheters, check out some of Krakovianka’s beautiful work:

(See March 17 post)


I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Let’s be praying

For all those caught in the middle.