As an introduction is in order…

In the interest of not giving out personally identifying information (and so as not to be constantly putting you to sleep), I do not intend to divulge all the details of my life on this blog.  But since I enjoy getting to “know” people through the blogs I frequent, I suppose I ought to tell a little about myself as well.  Let me start out by saying my life, truly, has been redeemed by, and belongs to, Jesus Christ the Lord; and it is, by God’s grace, a search to come to know and please Him.

I am a young lady, in my early twenties, unmarried and living at home with my parents and two brothers who are making their way through the teen years.  I was homeschooled all the way though, and am so grateful that I had that opportunity.  It has been my plan since graduation to pursue a certification in the practice of midwifery, but the good Lord, unsurprisingly, has had His own plans for my adult life so far.  In the particular season we are going through as a family, I am needed here and have felt particularly, clearly, and strongly called to be available here.  I have always felt that I wanted to use midwifery in some kind of ministry, but for now, my field of ministry is home.  So a lot of the time I am doing things like cooking, housework, chauffering, helping with schoolwork, etc.

I also do a bit of part-time work a few days a week at an antique mall in this quaint little town.  It has been, surprisingly, a wonderful opportunity to meet people from very diverse locations and backgrounds.  On New Years day I had a family from Iran come in, and later, a family from Israel.  That was an interesting day!

I suppose in a way, I have your standard mix of interests: reading, writing, music, art, crochet, languages and cultures.  As for experiences, maybe I’ll be able to share some of that at a later date.

And that is enough about me!


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