Monthly Archives: January 2008


Today, I would live for Your glory: I would overcome.  I would turn in the face of disappointment and fear and say “O my soul, why should not you rejoice?”  And I would rejoice, with gladness.  I would rejoice, for You my Maker have plans for good for me.  You have put great things before my eyes, and I do rejoice with thanksgiving!

Only this: that You would give me wisdom for this task– to give joy, to give comfort, to give hope, as You have given me.  I believe that one person can, by turning themself to the task of loving, effect change in others; one person can make the difference– one person, submitted to You, empowered by Jesus Christ.

Today is not for me, for my purpose, for my glory.  It is for You.

And it is You alone Who will enable me to meet it.



And why should not you, O my soul,

      Rejoice with mouth and heart and mind?

Forget your cares, forget your fears;

      Remember all in him you find–

E’en now He wipes away your tears.